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Intramural Sports program provides students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other university affiliates the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. Intramural Sports offers more than 27 different activities (Coed) in traditional sports such as basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and flag football, as well as nontraditional activities such as ultimate frisbee, innertube water polo, floor hockey and dodgeball. Intramural Sports also presents tournaments and leagues for individuals and two-person teams in such activities as badminton, racquetball, and table tennis.

All leagues and sports are on first come basis. Limited space is available and we encourage you to register during the first day of registration.

Updates & Announcements

  • Registration for Spring Quarter Intramurals: 3/27/16-4/1/16. All leagues are a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Captain Meetings:
    • 3/30/16 at Time TBD, Location TBD – Mandatory for Soccer Only
    • 3/31/16 at Timd TBD, Location TBD – Mandatory for Soccer Only
  • Duration of Regular Season League: 4/10/16-5/12/16
  • There will be no reschedules offered for any league this quarter. The IM Office will reschedule the game if there is inclement weather, or a cancellation by the IM Office. Please note we cannot guarantee you will get your exact day/time for a reschedule.
  • Players need to be on the roster by 3pm the day of your game. There will be NO registrations or roster additions at the table. There will be no exceptions.
  • If you forfeit 2 games in the season, your team will be dropped with NO REFUND.

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Intramural Code of Conduct & Sportsmanship Policy

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Intramural Sports Handbook

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Stephanie Cornell
Assistant Director – Intramural Sports
(650)725-0745, scornell@stanford