Recreation: Rachel Abair – rabair@stanford.edu – 650-498-0762

P.E.: Tia Lillie – tlillie@stanford.edu – 650-723-7686

HIP: Jerrie Thurman – jerrie.thurman@stanford.edu – 650-725-4406

Support: Bernardo Tapia – btapia@stanford.edu – 650-724-0449
What are the start & end dates for REC/PE/HIP etc?
HIP: 3/31-6/7

PE: 3/31-6/7

REC: 4/7-6/7
If I have signed up for a class in the morning, would it still count if I went to a similar class at a different time?
There are no make-ups without prior permission from Rachel Abair and the instructor. Once Rachel approves, they must show up 5 minutes early and ask the instructor.
What about drop ins?
Drop ins are allowed with instructor approval. Must ask the instructor prior to class, pay at the upstairs fitness desk, and bring receipt to sign in.

Fitness Pass Classes are $5

Small Group Training is $10
When are the busiest times at the gym?
In general, Mon-Fri between:



Where can I register for spring classes?
For class description, time, cost, & location — See:

HIP – hip.stanford.edu

PE – cardinalrec.stanford.edu

REC – cardinalrec.stanford.edu

To be clear, there are no in-person registrations. Everything is done online.
Where are the classes held?
Class locations vary from program to program and can be found in course descriptions. In general:

HIP – everywhere

PE – ACSR/AOERC/Athletic Facilities

How can squash/racquetball courts be reserved?
Squash: squash.stanford.edu

Racquetball: first come/first served
Can spouses or dependents of faculty/staff take recreation and/or PE classes?
In general, anyone with a courtesy card issued by the University can take a fitness class.

HIP – Employees, university & hospital faculty, staff, retirees and their family members

PE – Students; non-students are allowed to audit with instructor approval

REC – Everyone
Can I bring my children to swim at the new pool?
Only during family swim hours(12-5 on the weekends at the AOERC)
Is there a personal trainer on duty that could help me out with my workout?
No. Personal trainers work ‘on demand’, so they are only here when meeting with a client. For basic fitness questions feel free to ask Rachel Abair or Bernardo Tapia.
Where specifically are guests supposed to meet trainers for fitness assessments and personal training sessions?
The Fitness Center front desk is where trainers usually meet their clients and for fitness assessments.
Can I get a refund?
No refunds – sorry.
Can I take a fitness class?
Desk Supervisors:

For small group training (TRX, boxing, RIP, jungle gym) see Rachel first. Once Rachel approves you must register in the class – see Bernardo.

For PE classes see Tia.

For fitness pass classes (Fit2Run/boot camp/indoor cycling/yoga/Zumba/H.I.I.T./Strength and Stretch) – Yes, see Rachel or Bernardo.