Swimming: Beginning I



This class is for individuals who have fear, anxiety or discomfort in water. This class is also designed for individuals who have previously taken beginning swim courses and have had little/no success or who struggle to move through water. A foundation of basic balance and movement skills will be developed through a series of fundamental water exercises. When safety or balance in the water is in question, so is the ability to move, and to some extent, the ability to breathe comfortably. As comfort and balance improve, the easier it is to accept breathing and movement skills. The goal is a swimmer who is comfortable and in control in both shallow and deep water. The fundamental skills learned in this course will provide a foundation for learning stroke technique, such as freestyle, in an effortless manner.




June 20 – August 26, 2016
Tu/Th 12:00PM – 12:45PM (Instructor: Mary Gallagher)


Avery Recreation Pool at the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center (AOERC)


$60 Students/Post-docs
$110 Faculty/Staff
$120 Stanford Community*
$60 BeWell**

*Stanford students, Faculty/Staff and Stanford Community are eligible to participate in Recreation Classes. Stanford Community members are Dependents 18 and older, Spouses, Hospital Employees who have purchased an Athletic Access Card, Retirees, or Partners of a Student, Faculty or Staff.

How Do I Get My BeWell Discount?

**BeWell note: To be eligible for the BeWell rate, benefits-eligible employees must complete the Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) in 2014. If you have specific questions about the BeWell program or want to participate please go to bewell.stanford.edu. As a BeWell eligible employee, please note you are eligible for 2 classes per quarter at the BeWell rate.


Registration will open Tuesday, June 7th at 9am. Please click here to register. Please note you will need to create an Ideal Logic account during the registration process if you have not already done so.


Please contact Stanford Aquatics at stanfordaquatics@stanford.edu or (650) 498-0755.