Avery Aquatic Center


The Avery Aquatic Center features four separate pools: the Avery Competition Pool, the Maas Diving Center, the Belardi Pool and the Baker Pool. The main attraction is the Competition Pool, which can hold up to 2,530 fans (2,480 fixed seating) and hosts all of Stanford’s collegiate swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming events. One of the fastest pools in the nation, the Competition Pool is 37 meters long and 20 meters wide, tapers from 11 to 14 feet deep and features dual one-meter and three-meter springboards on the south end.

Avery Aquatic Center also houses the Maas Diving Center, which stands as the finest outdoor diving facility in the country. Stanford student-athletes, along with divers from around the world, are treated to a concrete dive tower with platforms at 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters. The dive tower is flanked on each side by dual one-meter and three-meter springboards.

Complementing the two world-class competition areas are a pair of top-rate training pools. The Belardi Pool is 50 meters long, 25 meters wide and tapers to a depth of 11 feet in the center, while the Baker Pool is also 50 meters long, but 25 yards wide and with a varying depth of 4 1/2 to 8 1/2 feet.

Additional varsity sport-related Avery Aquatic Information can be found here.

ADA Information

The Avery Aquatic Center complies with all federal laws regarding ADA accessibility. The Avery Aquatic Center pool deck can be accessed by elevator and the aquatic facility is equipped with a moveable hydraulic chair lift. Please notify staff upon arrival when any assistance is needed. The Avery Aquatic Center is equipped with accessible restrooms and showers with shower heads that can be either hand-held or hands-free. If you have a specific ADA request that will enhance your participation in our programs, please call 650-725-0786 or stop by the Lifeguard Office.

Adult Lap Swim and Family Swim

Adult Lap Swim is available during all Rec Swim hours. Family Swim is designated in one area of the pool and only available during Family Swim hours. Swimmers must be 18 years of age to swim during Adult Lap Swim hours (Stanford Students under the age of 18 are the only exception). Swimmers under the age of 18 can only swim during designated Family Swim hours and must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. During Family Swim, if a child under the age of 18 is a strong enough swimmer and wants to swim in a lap swim lane, they must pass a swim test administered by the lifeguards. Criteria: must be able to swim 2 continuous lengths of the pool using the freestyle stroke with a strong kick and rhythmic breathing.

Facility Location and Access

(650) 725-0725
235 Sam McDonald Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

The AAC is located between Sunken Diamond and the Arrillaga Family Sports Center. The event entrance is on the northeast side adjacent to Chuck Taylor Grove. The recreational entrance is located on the southwest side, facing Arrillaga Plaza. For information on how to access these facilities click here.

Avery Aquatic Center

Facility Rentals

Please contact Rebecca Carpenter at rcarpent@stanford.edu or (650) 725-0786.

Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms for recreational use are located on the main pool deck at the AAC.


While there are no lockers available at the AAC, there are lockers available at the Arrillaga Family Sports Center, Ford Center and the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center. Information can be found here.

Loan-out Swim Items

Kickboards, pull buoys, aqua jogging belts and goggles are available for check out for Rec Swim patrons at the AAC only. They are on a first come first serve basis and can be checked out at the guard office with a Stanford ID or government issued photo ID.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items may be reclaimed at the guard office during Rec Swim hours. Items are kept for up to one week. Toiletries and liquid products are not placed in the lost and found.


At the AAC, parking is located in the Varsity Parking Lot and can be accessed from Nelson Road, off of Galvez Street.  Metered parking spaces are available for users not possessing a permit. For Roble Pool, the parking lot and metered parking spots are located across from Roble Gym, on Santa Teresa Street.


Restrooms are located in the changing rooms during rec swim hours. During events additional restrooms are located on the east and west sides of the stands on the Upper Deck Level.

Visitor/ Sightseer info

General sightseers and visitors to the Stanford campus are not permitted into the facility. The Facility has chain-link fencing around the perimeter and is easily viewed from the outside. For this reason we do not allow visitors inside the facility. Some lenience can be given to Family of Pool Staff, Varsity Athletes, and Athletic Recruits when accompanied by the staff member, athlete, or coach.